About Us

Tau Lotus Inc., a Delaware corporation was founded in 2018 by Vasu Ram Ayithi and Abraham Sarraf. Our headquarters are in California, USA. We are currently expanding our operations across the globe. 

We are firm believers of the idea that “Problems are just opportunities to provide reasonable solutions that create a greater future for humanity.

Therefore, the central idea of Tau Lotus is founded to address three critical challenges in this world – mobility, water, and energy using “engineering that empowers a sustainable world”.  


Sustainable Alternative Energy Vehicles (AEV) provide an affordable mobility using the latest technologies in electric engines with connectivity that fits the modern urban lifestyle while using alternative renewable energy sources.


Engineering solutions for improved quality of water for everyone. Research, Recreate and Engineer intelligent sustainable solutions. We are approaching these solutions by studying traditional, ancient, and historical methods. We want to engineer these solutions in the most intelligent way to stabilize and sustain the quality of water and water resources for everyone by taking advantage of today’s continually developing technologies.


Increasing the supply and availability of renewable energy resources for everyone and everywhere. We are committed to dedicating our elaborative expertise to innovative engineering technologies by investing in continuous development of sustainable, affordable, renewable energy solutions for everyone and everywhere.

Our Mission

Tau Lotus’s mission is to be a pioneer with engineering excellence in modern transportation, improving quality of water & water resources, and innovating affordable renewable energy solutions. We will be a beacon of innovation by creating sustainable solutions, embracing planet earth that provide social benefit, engineering excellence for a humane future.

Our Vision

Tau Lotus’s vision is “engineering that empowers a sustainable world. We want to build a world where high quality mobility solutions, improved water resources, and accessibility of renewable energy are commonplace, bringing the highest quality that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Company Goals & Objectives:

Goal One

Tau Lotus committed to providing affordable mobility through the latest technology in electric engines, electronics and connectivity that fits the modern urban lifestyle. Outstanding design brings technology together to deliver mobility with clear purpose and personal style.

Goal Two

Tau Lotus innovates and creates intelligent sustainable engineering solutions to improve quality of water for everyone across the globe.

Goal Three

Tau Lotus seeks every avenue to provide sustainably renewable energy solutions supply to everyone everywhere.

Founder & Chief Executive

Vasu Ayithi

Vasu is co-founder, Chairman, and the Chief Executive Officer of Tau Lotus. Vasu has spent his entire career developing, improving, and commercialising products and services. His precise thinking as an engineer and his entrepreneurial mind creates a synergy which has benefited many of the companies he worked with. It is this same synergy that has nurtured Vasu’s desire to start his own companies.

Vasu is a leader in business and engineering with his work of the last 29 years spanning aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, and composite structures. While his knowledge is detailed and very hands-on, Vasu has lead multi-functional, multi-national teams across the globe in the development of new products as well as in product optimization. Over the last 5 years he has owned an engineering company with a team of 150 engineers based in Hyderabad working across multiple industries, including aviation, automotive and medical.

Vasu has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from University of Mysore, India and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur as well as an MBA in Global Business Management in USA. Born and raised in various parts of India during his early life, Vasu has lived in the US for the last 22 years while retaining strong business and family links with India.

Founder & Chief Marketing and Sales

Abraham Sarraf

Abraham is a co-founder of Tau Lotus. He is the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, building on his wealth of experience in the world of aviation, rail and transportation. An engineer by trade & training, he has worked in business development and deal making for over 30 years. Abraham has lead teams for some of the biggest supplier companies in transportation as well as for dynamic niche specialists creating custom products and services for clients worldwide. Having a clear understanding of the technical challenges and the wider business goals, Abraham knows how to deliver solutions in challenging environments.

With a strong grasp of what makes businesses tick, Abraham also co-owns a wine maker and distribution company in France, supplying the world of transportation – aviation, rail and cruise ships – with excellent wines in innovative and environmentally conscious packaging. Abraham has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Tecnológico de Monterrey in his native Mexico and a bachelor’s degree in engineering and industrial Management from Brigham Young University in the United States. Abraham has lived in the United States for almost 30 years being strongly invested in volunteering work for a children hospital and orphanage.